Saturday, February 28, 2009

Scott and El Pollo

WARNING. This video is graphic in nature. View at your own risk!


Yoselin Carter said...

I just loved this video! It reminds me so much of El Salvador and their people!!! I love listening at Scott speaking spanish :)He is doing great. I'm craving now Chicken soup, and pollo asado (grilled chicken) but that kind of chicken so fresh and good ♥

Kirby Family said...

That is so gross! Next thing you know they're cutting that cat in the background! GROSS!!!!

Carianne said...

I thought the same thing about the cat Kim. LOL The best chicken I have ever eaten was cooked on the streets of Mexico. You should be expecting a few meals cooked by Scott when he gets home. Maybe when he gets back we can let him kill our turkey for us for Thanksgiving. Looks like he''ll be a pro.