Wednesday, January 7, 2009

YOUNGER BROTHER'S, whatcha gonna do with em'!

We were all busy getting ready for church and Dad was giving us the countdown for departure (the one that drives us all crazy but we love him in spite of it!) Around the corner comes McKay in a suit. I said, "Wow McKay, you look great!" It didn't register until we were walking out the door that McKay doesn't own a suit. Upon closer inspection I recognize it as Brent's beloved treasure from his mission. His departing gift to himself from Spain. The suit he loves so much. The one he decided to keep home and not take to BYU. The one he safely packed in a travel bag and placed in the entry closet. So, I did what any other loving mother would have done. I said, "When we get home I want to take a picture of you in Brents suit. And by the way, McKay, have you ever heard of blackmail?"


Kirby Family said...

That's funny mom!


i think he is trying to tell you he wants a "suit" It looks great on big mac. Brent has probable put on a few lbs, anyway. love grrandpa

Melanie said...

Hi Aunt Shelly,

Thanks for all of your comments on my blog and compliments! :) Big Mac is looking very grown up! I would jump on that opportunity to get him a new suit. He looks very handsome.

Love ya!

Yoselin Carter said...

That is so funny :)